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Rampart PFP offers a one-stop-shop approach to a broad range of requirements for our client base. Surface preparation, engineered coatings & insulation services are our disciplines. When Asset Integrity & life extension of equipment are a priority, “We’ve Got You Covered”

Our facility has the capability of handling the largest of equipment such as Structural Beams, Pipe Spools, Valves & Heat Exchangers.

Depending on the operational needs of our customers, Rampart PFP has the capability of offering our services onsite with our extensive mobile equipment.

Local onsite assets & remote areas of Australia, Rampart can service all your Surface Preparation, PFP, Thermal Spray, Painting & Industrial Insulation needs.

Thermal Spray Metallising
In the harshest of environments TSA offers a robust solution to mitigating corrosion.  
Industry specified metallised coatings include:
Zinc 99.99%
Zinc Aluminium 85/15
Aluminium 99.5%
Aluminium Magnesium 5%
316L Stainless Steel
passive fire protection
Rampart PFP offer fire protection solutions to a diverse range of industries that include Refining, Petrochem, Defence, Power Generation, LNG & Marine.
Delivering high-performance passive fire protection (PFP) systems applying intumescent coatings & fire protection insulation. 
Abrasive Blast services
Advanced surface preparation equipment that includes mobile Dustless Blasting/Painting plants & our industrial sized facility to service the largest of equipment.
Rampart’s facility offers dual Gantry Crane capabilities to safely orientate large equipment.
Lead Paint removal
Rampart PFP is experienced in the safe practices of Lead Abatement (Removal & or Encapsulation) of hazardous lead based coatings.
Rampart performs abatement services under the strictest of controlled conditions well below permissible exposure limits to create a safe work environment.
Specialised coatings

As a leading partner in the development of industrial coatings, we combine technical expertise with our practical skills delivering the highest quality of surface preparation & protective coatings for corrosion mitigation on structural steel, vessels & equipment.

Industrial insulation
Rampart PFP manufacture our own PIR insulation (Pentane-Blown), pre-cut Stone Wool, FoamGlass & High Performance Aerogel insulation.
Covering service temperatures from Cryogenic -160c to 800c. 
Offering high volume in-house cutting services for complex shapes & pre-cut pipe sections. South Australia’s only multi-disciplined insulation manufacturer & cutting service.
Specifically suited for local assets that value local services. Short lead times matched with fast mobilisation is perfectly suited for major planned shutdowns & on-going maintenance.
High pressure water cleaning

Rampart offers a broad range of industrial cleaning services that are mindful of the environment & delivers high standard outcomes. With tight constraints of time during turn-arounds, unplanned shutdowns or your general maintenance schedules. Rampart prides itself on mobilising our services to our clients needs.  

Have a project needing specialist coatings?

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We've got you covered

Rampart PFP offers specialised surface preparation solutions & corrosion mitigation coatings for the Industrial, PetroChem, Defence, Marine & Automotive industries.

Providing the ultimate in atmospheric corrosion protection for your asset. Whether it be your Automotive project or planned shutdowns on a refinery….. We’ve got you covered!

In-house industrial sized Plant/Equipment & mobile services are offered to provide a deliverable strategy to ongoing maintenance, planned shutdowns & newly commissioned assets.

Rampart PFP also offer a range of technical disciplines providing thermal management systems from design, fabricate & install…... to mitigate Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), Automotive Fire walls, Exhaust & Heat Conservation/Personal Protection applications.